Hand crafted carvings of various materials, the fetishes were often used to honor the animals or figures they represent. Many times the fetish was believed to bring its owner prosperity in life. Although there are many tribes that create fetishes, the most popular and traditional are often crafted by members of the Zuni Nation in New Mexico.

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Alabaster Sea Serpent Four Part Fetish Carving


Very unique four part fetish sea monster bt Zuni carver Gilbert Lonjose
List Price: 329.00
Price: 140.00

Alaskan Carved And inked Fossil Ivory Puffin


Hnd carved and inked puffin made of fossil ivory. It is 1 1/4" long and 3/4" tall. Yupik' nation of Alaska.
Price: 99.00

Carved Antler Bug Fetish Carving ~ Zuni


Carved antler bug fetish ~ Zuni
Price: 49.00

Carved Deer Bone "Mound Builder" Style Man With A War Club


Carved deer bone man with war club by Shinok ~ Chickasaw.
List Price: 159.00
Price: 25.00
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Carved Fossil Ivory Hummingbird Ball By Esteban Najera ~ Zuni


Hand carved fossil ivory hummingbird ball by Esteban Najera ~ Zuni
Price: 395.00

Carved Fossil Ivory Wasp By Florentino Martinez


Carved fossil ivory wasp by Zuni artist Florentino Martinez.
Price: 480.00

Double Corn Maiden Carving By Robert Lewis ~ Zuni


Carved antler double Corn Maidens by Robert Lewis ~ son of the previous Zuni Governor.
Price: 29.00

Large Buffalo Table Fetish With Silver Horns And Inlay Turquoise And Coral Heart Or Lifeline


Alabaster buffalo table fetish with silver horns and inlay turquoise snd red coral heart or lifeline. Artist unknown.
List Price: 240.00
Price: 179.00

Large Carved Antler With Inlaid Stones Butterfly By Jedroth Mahkee ~ Zuni


Carved antler butterfly with inlay stones by Zuni artist Jedroth Mahkee.
Price: 200.00

Stunning Picasso Marble Mountain Lion By Andres Qaundelacy of Zuni


Large carved picasso marble mountain lion by reknowned artist Andres Quandelacy of Zuni.
Price: 599.00